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Apr 03, 2022
In Wild Game Recipes
Google uses the phrase “Your money or your life” (YMYL) to describe topics or pages that could affect a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability or security. if the presentation is incorrect. The stakes are high for this type of liver. That’s why Google’s algorithm keeps these pages to a higher standard. You need to know if the topic you are discussing is considered YMYL. When publishing a YMYL topic, also keep in mind Google’s value in terms of EAT (competence, power and confidence) in your domain. This in -depth article will talk about the types of content Google considers YMYL and how you can use that information to determine what you should focus on to improve the EAT for those pages. What is YMYL? Google used the YMYL acronym, “Your money or your life” in the June 2013 version of its search quality review guide:“There are some pages where PQ is very important. These pages are what we call your money or your life (YMYL). They are whatsapp phone number list pages that may affect your current or future health (physical, financial, security, etc.). The YMYL page should come from a reputable website, and the content should be created with high skill and authority. " Section 7.2 of the 2013 Google Search Quality Review GuidePQ here stands for Page Quality. Google created the guide to educate its search quality benchmarking team that evaluates and provides results about the quality of search results and web pages for Google engineers. Initially, they were not made public, but now, Google is making this document available to everyone. You can read more here about how Google uses its search quality analysis team. Google tells commenters that if a page has a significant impact on a user’s life, it should be considered high quality. It needs to be built with high skill and power. Google later reiterated the importance of a good EAT for the YMYL page in official documentation. From Google's guide on how to fight defamation:
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