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Microsonic Wu 102 Driver (April-2022)




microsonic wu 102 driver Ever since Jeff's announcement back in March, we've been waiting for a release date. The anticipation is making us want one way too badly! Yep, you are one of a select few to have seen this accessory before, but we've added a few new surprises to the mix. I'll let the goods speak for themselves, but just know you are getting your hands on one of the coolest items in their studio: a Rock Microsonic Wu 102. The WU's are a pair of studio monitors, each of which is equipped with a frequency range of 30Hz to 32kHz. That means that they can cover a huge chunk of your studio monitors, but still match the frequency response of some of the most-expensive monitors that you can buy. With that said, the WU's come with a handy USB-C input that plugs into your computer's USB-C port. This way you can record everything that your computer will produce and then sync them back to your computer. You can even change the levels on your computer's keyboard, and then record those levels back to the computer. Pretty nifty! While the WU's are not cheap, they are made in the US, and we're pretty sure that they're no different than many of the monitors that you can buy new at your local store. As always, we'll let you decide for yourself when we reveal the retail price. Why buy a US-made monitor? The Rock Microsonic WU 102 uses a USB-C input. So, you're a bit limited to the computers that you can connect the WU to. But, they are made in the US, and they are designed to work with the computers that you use every day. I'll let you take a look at the specs of these monitors and decide for yourself. Specs WU Microsonic WU 102 Frequency Range 32Hz to 32kHz Resolution 24-bit/96kHz Mic/Line Input 1/8" TRS Damping Factor 9.5ms Net Weight 1.4 pounds Height 5.0" Depth 8.2" Width 5.3" Diameter 3.0"



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Microsonic Wu 102 Driver (April-2022)

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